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There are many advantages to selling your house as is. You do not have to settle for an unfair deal to sell your house quickly.



“I need to sell my house ASAP! Who can I get to buy my house fast? What do I need to do to prepare my house for sale? How quickly can I sell? Can I sell my house as is? Are there trustworthy companies that buy houses for cash?” 

Once you decide you need to sell your house, getting started can be an overwhelming process. Selling your house without a realtor may seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. This article will help you understand the easiest and quickest ways to sell your house.

The QUICKEST way to sell your house is to sell as is

If your main goal is to sell quickly, this is the easiest route for you. To sell your house “as is” means that you are selling without repairs, which is indeed a good thing if you are short on cash. A lot of people worry that they won’t be able to get as much cash for their property if they have an unkempt house. Yes, you can sell your house without repairs, and still walk away satisfied. Not only do you save money and skip realtor fees when selling the property directly yourself, but you also expedite your payday when selling as is.

Selling to a cash buyer is a great option for a speedy house sale. A cash buyer is also a SAFE option because it is a process where the buyer assumes all liability. This means that you get to avoid certain types of legal issues when selling your house.

FYI: Under no circumstance whatsoever should you EVER sign over your home to anyone who does not have appropriate paperwork (a contract). Additionally, NEVER proceed with a contract that you see is unfit, confusing, or unfair. As the seller, you have a say in the agreement, and you need to be crystal clear on the terms and the process that you are agreeing to. DO NOT let your sense of urgency overcloud your judgment. 

What is your motivation to sell your house?

How motivated are you to sell quickly? Basically…why do you need the money? Is it foreclosure, pre-foreclosure, inheritance, family emergency, urgent move, an annoying neighbor? The list can go on and on. You need to keep in mind your reason to sell because this will come back to your awareness time after time.

Your motivation to sell will be one of the cash buyers’ initial inquiries. The only way you can relay this information and negotiate reasonably is if you are well aware of your own needs. The buyer will be able to help guide you through the process most efficiently with this information made clear.

What do you know about your house?

Once you decide that selling your house is the best option for you, it’s time for you to be honest, and not just with potential buyers, but with yourself as well. What condition is your house in? What repairs are needed? What are you aware and unaware of? 

It’s tempting to lie about these things to potential buyers, but it can hurt you in the long run. It’s important that you get an inspection done so that you know an estimate cost of these repairs. It’s also important so that you can relay correct information to the buyers. Again, lying will most likely come back to bite you.

What price do you think is fair?

When looking to sell your home, one of the most important factors is for you to consider the repairs when you are coming up with your numbers. It’s easy for us to think about our own wants and needs. We may need a certain amount of money to help us, but that is not the priority of the buyer. Of course you want the most out of it that you can get, but it’s also imperative for you to be realistic and fair. Step away and view the situation as if you were the buyer. The buyer’s obligation is to give you an offer based on what the property is WORTH. Not based on what you think you should get from it, not from what anyone else THINKS…but from the actual market value of the property. Sell your house, Professional House buyer, get your all cash offer today 954-695-2255.

You must remember that flexibility is required of you during this process. Buyers more than likely will want to negotiate the price of the house with you, and you may need to make compromises to your expectations to get your quick sell. Overall, remember your reasons for selling the house as is. It’s good to be stern in making sure that you are being compensated fairly, but don’t make the mistake of losing out on the opportunity to do so quickly.

What to expect

There is a lot to consider and the last thing you would want to do is to get in contract with someone who doesn’t have much experience buying property. This could stop you from selling your home as quickly as you would like and can have you in an easily preventable legal situation. Sell your house, Professional House buyer, get your all cash offer today 954-695-2255

True professional cash buyers will be upfront about what your house is worth. Information should be presented to you confidently and at a pace you can understand. Cash offers can be made on the spot, but you also have to be reasonable about the buyers needing to do their due diligence. The buyer should be able to cleanly explain to you how they’ve reached their offer. Both parties should be on the same page about repairs needed, and the cash buyer should be well versed about the market value of the comparable homes in your area. These are some of the most valuable considerations for a cash buyer. 

What to do TODAY

With all the mis-information and shady business in this industry, it could be be difficult to know exactly where to start to get things going towards having cash in hand. One trustworthy source to receive an offer quickly is through us at House Buyer Pros. We are known to offer the most money for your house, making sure that everyone walks away happy. All we need from you to get the process started is a little information about your property. From there one of our team is able to promptly respond so that we can speak with you more about your specific situation. What’s stopping you? Sell your house, Professional House buyer, get your all cash offer today 954-695-2255.

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