Save Your Home, 1st Step is to Understand the
Critical Foreclosure Timeline 

Foreclosure is usually considered the action of last resort for any lender faced with a delinquent loan. Foreclosures are costly to all parties involved, including the lender. A foreclosure action is filed after a borrower has missed a certain number of mortgage payments. The number of payments missed prior to a lender filing varies from lender to lender, however three to four missed payments could be considered the norm.

Day 1

Attorney Referral

Preparation of the Complaint and LP

The lender considers filing a foreclosure action and forwards the file to the attorney for their review. The attorney will run a title search in order to determine who the additional defendants in the action might be. Any entity with a legal interest in the subject property should be named in the foreclosure action as well as served with a copy of the complaint. All parties that are named and served will have the opportunity to be heard by the court. Read on to understand how to save your home and how the Foreclosure Process timeline works.

How to Avoid Foreclosure

The last thing any homeowner wants to think about is losing the family home. No one expects to lose their house to foreclosure, but by understanding the foreclosure process and what may lead up to it, you can be in a better position to recognize and address potential problems that may impact your ability to make every mortgage payment on time.

What is foreclosure?

In the contract you signed when your mortgage lender loaned you money to buy your house, you agreed that if you can’t repay the loan, the lender can foreclose to take ownership of the house.

If you do not pay your monthly mortgage payment, you are technically in default on your mortgage. State laws vary, but generally, a loan that is as little as 90 days delinquent can be considered in foreclosure.

Your lender may send you a notice indicating that they are starting foreclosure proceedings, but don’t wait; take steps to prevent a foreclosure as soon as you realize you are having trouble paying the mortgage!

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